Artisan Source

Mela Artisans manages a tightly-controlled network of 7,000 artisans in India.

We produce extraordinary, high-quality handcrafted home decor products.

Everything we do is sourced transparently and Fair Trade certified.

Mela supports the lifestyles of its craftspeople and contributes directly to healthcare initiatives in dozens of villages across ten states in India.

Today, our products have broad distribution in traditional retail establishments.

Artisan Source – our network as a service offering…

Our sourcing expertise and artisanal handcrafted production network is now being made available as a service — so that you can painlessly source excellent handcrafted products. Choose to add your brand to versions of our current designs or reconfigure them to your tastes for an offering that is exclusively yours.

Of course, you also step right into our social impact narrative alongside us.

You and your clientele can help us to ensure that these extremely rare and valuable craftspeople and their centuries-old techniques continue to be available to those who care deeply about quality products and lives well-lived.