Marked by beauty


Jaipur has been India’s mecca for jewelry since the early 18th century.  The world’s finest gems were brought to Jaipur to be cut, cleaned, and placed in intricate settings.  In the early 18th century, Marharaja Jai SinghII commissioned the country’s most skilled artisans to produce jewelry – emerald-studded swords for himself and even adornments for his royal elephants.

Materials and process

In recent years, the jewelers of Jaipur have had to contend with global forces: mass production, mechanization, and fluctuating metal prices.  Despite these obstacles, artisans in this Pink City still craft designs by hand – filing, polishing, and working with small, difficult-to-handle pieces.  Jewelry designers today, experiment with many designs, stones, and even make jewelry from horn, a beautiful product when sanded and polished.