by heart, by hand.

Our Story

Indian artisans struggle to preserve age-old techniques in a mechanized world.  Mela Artisans blends traditional handcrafting with contemporary design to create new markets and keep this heritage alive.

built on social impact and focused on quality

Ethically Sourced. Sustainably Made.

Mela Artisans is working to bridge the gap between talented artisans and global markets.  We want to create a space where our efforts contribute to the quality of life, economic growth and sustainability of our artisan communities.
-Navroze S. Mehta, Founder and CEO

Investing in people, creating opportunities and changing lives is our focus.
-Sonali Mehta Rao, Co-Founder


we want them to succeed as artisans and entrepreneurs

Social Impact

Mela has generated orders resulting in over $2 million going directly to artisans over the past 3 years which has created over 2500 full-time jobs during that time.  In addition, we forge personal relationships with our artisans and promote health, education, and development projects within artisan communities.

Our Impact

Health Care and Energy Initiatives

- 1034 Eye Screenings
- 627 pairs of glasses distributed
- 579 primary health care screenings
- 173 solar lanterns distributed to artisan homes with no access to electricity


By heart, by hand.

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