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Organic animal remains are finely cut, shaped, polished and inlaid on wood in this craft from Sambhal. Soft white ethereal hues contrast against natural wood in floral and geometric patterns on these creations.

Wood Carving

Fresh forms carved from local wood by master artisans, these creations from Saharanpur feature motifs inspired by the natural world. Indo-Islamic architectural lattice work also serves as a fount of inspiration for this craft. 

Block Printing

An ancient art of embellishing fabric, paired with contemporary motifs, block printing is the craft of carving motifs into wood and using them to stamp patterns onto wood. Watch out for a deluge of mangoes and paisleys.


A vibrant and versatile form of artistic expression, enamelingenamelling involves fusing vibrant, glossy finishes of enamel onto a wide range of materials like metal, ceramics, and wood. Its extraordinary effect makes our creations pop with colorcolour and life. 

Picks of the Season

Jaali Trellis Box

Carved from mango wood, this trellis box is a perfect storehouse of memories. Peek in through the jaali to relive your favourite day. 

Metal Candle Holder

Crafted and painted by hand, this set of pillar candleholders stands tall spreading its light to every corner of your home. 

Paisley Cake Stand

A charming blend of bohemian flair and vibrant design, this hand-painted cake stand is crafted with meticulous attention to detail.