Happy Diwali from Mela Artisans!

Happy Diwali from Mela Artisans!

On behalf of all of us at Mela Artisans, we wish you a joyous Diwali, or Festival of Lights. Celebrated this year on Sunday, October 27th throughout India and parts of South Asia, Diwali recognizes the triumph of good over evil and the blessings of success, liberty and insight. On this special night, dozens of candles and lamps are lit throughout homes and roadways to light up the night.

Mela Artisans aims to meaningfully impact our artisans throughout India by bringing their handmade products to the global market. With a philosophy based in empowerment and mutual respect rather than charity, our fair trade practices provide a more stable income, improved livelihoods and enhanced well-being for entire communities.


Since 2012, Mela has placed orders from 50 groups across 10 states throughout India. Collectively, these groups employ 4,500 permanent artisans, of which 77% are women and more than 6,000 part-time artisans, 29% women. We are proud to have generated enough direct income for artisans to support 1000 individuals working full-time for twelve months. The average household size of our artisans is 6.5, meaning we are impacting more than 6,500 family members. The core of Mela Artisans values is to enhance the quality of life for our artisans.

Inspired by the traditional handicrafts of India, Mela Artisans products fuse traditional art forms with current trends, offering a curated collection of stylish home décor and accessories that reflect the company’s global journey and passions. Product categories include home décor, textiles, tabletop, accessories, and newly introduced product lines of accent furniture and pet accessories.

We wish you and your family much good health, wealth and success! Shop 25% off on all candle holders TODAY ONLY!

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