Jaipur's Finest Jewelers At Your Doorstep

Jaipur's Finest Jewelers At Your Doorstep

Jewelry is often the gift of choice for Valentine’s day.  But can we have jewelry that is made in a more fair-trade manner?  Due to all the hands it goes through before landing up in a shop, jewelry prices are unnecessarily high. That’s why we went to the source and worked directly with the artisans.  


In western India, a majestic old city, known for its regal heritage, is home to India’s jewelry makers. Jaipur, with its stunning forts and palaces, is where India’s royal families congregated. The intricate designs to emerge from the city have become trendsetters and graced some of the country’s most beautiful women -- in apparel and jewelry.

Jaipur sits between hills in the desert.  Its forts are perched up high, visible from all corners of the city. The al fresco designs on these historic building still inspire artists across India, and particularly the jewelers in Jaipur itself. Most notable are the details on the archways, doors, and corridors.  It's these finer details that are awe-inspiring and indicative of Jaipur's immense heritage.  


The jail technique is one of the most iconic -- little holes that let light into the dark corridors of these old palaces and forts. And massive doors, overwhelming in size and such thoughtfully carved over months. 


Now that you've had a flavor of Jaipur, you can understand why Mela choose to work with the artisans here -- to preserve the heritage, the artistry, and the handmade tradition. And we love it when they're made by women, in particular. Each detail is done by hand.  No shortcuts, no machines. So now can you see the heritage and beauty of Jaipur in these creations? 

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