Why We Invest In Healthcare Of Our Artisans

Mela Artisans employs artisans to make each item. Given that they form the core of the company's supply chain, we think it's important to go beyond just supporting their livelihoods.

It's more than a transactional relationship. We want them to thrive and prosper on all accounts, physically as well as financially.  After all, that's why we are in this business-- to preserve the beauty of handicrafts in a mechanized world and those who create them.  Our motive is to slow down and care about the process as much as the end product.

Hence the company does periodic health camps to help artisans live better quality lives all around.  We put 1% of our revenues towards a variety of initiatives in health and energy access.

The bulk of our artisans live in Saharanpur and Sambhal, two metros in Uttar Pradesh. You can read about their crafts, woodworking, carving horn and bone, and engraving metal on our site (in product stories) and here on the blog.

Last month, Mela Artisans conducted primary health care camps in Sambhal and Saharanpur in partnerships with social enterprise, Sevamob. 504 beneficiaries including artisans and their family members were covered in these camps.

This being the first camp in both these locations, preliminary health tests were conducted: urine samples, blood sugar levels, hemoglobin tests, and vitals were collected. The data will be stored in a centralized server accessible to doctors in the community for follow up visits and long term care. Artisans and their families will be able to use their services in future.

We are in the process of expanding our offering of care as well.  Future camps will cover dental care, eye care and gynecological care and other services as required.

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