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Mela Moments


Kashmir’s Artisans Find Pay and Art in a Troubled Economy


At the base of the Himalayas, in one of India’s most majestic states, Kashmir, a group of women artisans are contemporizing zalakdozi, hook embroidery that resembles crochet and dates back to the 1400s. Scarves, bedding, sheets, clothing — all forms of textiles are enhanced with this hook stitch in patterns that sing of Kashmir: saffron, tulips, lotus and lilies.


“I love the curves of this...

Mela Artisans’ First Kiva Loan is Funded

We are thrilled to partner with Kiva to expand the number of artisans we’re able to work with in India.
Last month, we participated in our first-ever Kiva loan, which raised 5,625 USD. With those funds, we can make new purchase orders, and thereby support more women artisans in the country. Specifically, we’ll be using the money to help with training costs and new materials needed to broaden our...

MEET THE ARTISAN: Pradeep Kumar Has Been Carving Wood and Bone for 15 Years


Pradeep Kumar holds up his business card.  He’s a proud entrepreneur.  He started his own venture, Lavanya Design, in 2009, after 15 years of working for various companies in the wood-carving and bone business. 

Today, he manages 100 employees. Lavanya Design is one of the larger groups that Mela Artisans works with. Located on the Ganges plain, about two hours north of Delhi, there are two main...

Vote for Mela #circleup25

We need your help to make the top 25 list! 

Mela Artisans is honored to be nominated as one of the most innovative consumer companies by CircleUp. For the third year in a row, CircleUp has partnered with Forbes to highlight companies that are changing the way consumers live their lives. Mela Artisans allows consumers to purchase handmade products made using traditional techniques passed down for...

Our Artisans: Photo updates from India


Photo taken in Jaipur by Mela Artisans CEO, Navroze Mehta, during his recent trip to India.

Last week Mela Artisans co-founder and CEO, Navroze Mehta, returned from a two-week trip to India where he focused on visiting our artisan groups and learning more about how Mela can help these communities. Traveling with his daughter and fellow co-founder, Sonali Mehta-Rao, the two were inspired to see how...

Grammy Awards Fashion Trend: Green Jewelry

The 2015 annual Grammy Music Awards was held on February 8, 2015, and like many fashionistas, Mela Artisans looked to the red carpet for the newest celebrity fashion trends. One of our favorite crazes was the brilliant green jewelry worn by a variety of stars, including Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. Luckily, Mela Artisans is always stylish with our fashion-forward (but still ethically-made)...