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Willow in Solid White Finish Candle Holders Set of 3

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Candleholder Set of 3 (6", 9", and 12") - Willow in Solid White Matte

Mela Artisans’ “Willow” Matte White Candle Stands for Pillar Candles (6”, 9”, 12”): This candle holders set of 3 features an assortment of 3 varying matte white candlestick holders: 6", 9", and 12". These candle centerpieces for tables have a 3" base to fit just about any candle out there, as well as felt pads on the bottom so it doesn’t scratch any surfaces.


Our goal at Mela artisans is to support the artisans who practice traditional carpentry and woodcarving techniques which we infuse with contemporary design. Looking at our elegant wood candle holders collections, you can trace the passion and dedication of each Artisan in every hand-crafted piece.


Our decorative candle stands are also available in a variety of color and stain options to match your home decor. --- Stylish Candle Stands: Our candle holders come with a sleek design and style, which combines elegant concepts with nordic style. These candle holders for table centerpiece can be a great decoration to your dining table. --- About Us: All Mela Artisans products support fair trade through an extensive program that preserves Indian craftsmanship and promotes the welfare of communities throughout the country.


We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee.



Sustainability & Fair Trade

Handcrafted in India by skilled Artisans.

Mela Artisans belongs to the Fair Trade Federation and is committed to equitable & sustainable trade.

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"Mela Artisans is working to bridge the gap between talented artisans and global markets.  We want to create a space where our efforts contribute to the quality of life, economic growth and sustainability of our artisan communities. "

-Navroze S. Mehta, Founder and CEO