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Mela BOHO Jungle Wraparound Notebook

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Introducing the Mela Boho Jungle Wraparound Notebook, part of our MelaxChumbak collaborative collection. A fusion of style and functionality that elevates your note-taking experience. Immerse yourself in the lush beauty of nature with its captivating Jungle Drama Gondh wraparound cover, drenched in rich shades of green.

Crafted with ecoleatheratte and boasting high-quality 90GSM papermaplito, each page offers a luxurious writing surface, inviting your thoughts and ideas to flow freely. Whether you're sketching, doodling, or jotting down notes, this notebook provides the perfect canvas for your creativity.

Compact yet spacious, measuring 8.3x5.8x.8", it fits seamlessly into your bag or backpack, ensuring you're always prepared to capture inspiration wherever it strikes. Add a touch of Boho charm to your daily routine with the Notebook - Mela Boho, Jungle Drama Gondh Wraparound, and let your imagination roam wild.

Ecoleatheratte 90GSM papermaplito


8.3x5.8x0.8 Inches

Sustainability & Fair Trade

Handcrafted in India by skilled Artisans.

Mela Artisans belongs to the Fair Trade Federation and is committed to equitable & sustainable trade.

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"Mela Artisans is working to bridge the gap between talented artisans and global markets.  We want to create a space where our efforts contribute to the quality of life, economic growth and sustainability of our artisan communities. "

-Navroze S. Mehta, Founder and CEO