Our Name

Mela Artisans is a design driven lifestyle brand that contemporizes traditional handcrafted techniques & celebrates local artisanal skills, along with fostering entrepreneurship and sustainable uplift in local communities. Mela forges personal relationships with their artisans and contributes 1% of their total revenue to promoting health, education and development projects within the artists’ communities. Thanks to those relationships, you’ll find tempting one-of-a-kind items to suit every taste (and budget!)  Our distinctive and original collections fuse modern designs with enduring techniques passed down through generations in artisan communities.

 Mela’s products are fair trade certified, eco-friendly and sustainably sourced. Our vision is to provide a sustainable global market for artisans while fostering entrepreneurship within their communities. 

Through our innovative luxury brand, you can enrich your life with beautiful and functional handcrafted artwork while being inspired by the stories of the artisans who created them. At the same time you can forge a personal connection with these same artisans through purchases and loans that allow them to grow their businesses and develop their artistic skills.

Join us as we reach across the globe to form a new community committed to the preservation of handcrafted artisan traditions.