Our Story

Our Story

Mela Artisans blends traditional handcrafting techniques with contemporary design in home and fashion to promote social uplift in artisan communities.

Artisans around the world struggle to preserve age-old traditions and techniques in a fast-paced, mechanized world. We hope that by helping them access new markets we can ensure their livelihoods while keeping their heritage alive.

We want them to succeed as entrepreneurs and artisans.

We forge personal relationships with our artisans and contribute a portion of our total revenue to promoting health, education, and development projects within artisan communities. Our vision is to provide a sustainable global market for artisans while fostering entrepreneurship within their communities.

Technology is helping us make that happen. By creating this central easy-to-access platform, our customers can buy these handmade creations and learn about the techniques used to craft them. Through our innovative brand, you can enrich your life with beautiful and functional handcrafted home and fashion accessories, while being inspired by the stories of the artisans who created them. Every purchase you make contributes to the livelihood of an artisan family, while helping to ensure the survival of ancient artistic techniques that might otherwise be forgotten.

Join us as we reach across the globe to form a new community committed to the preservation of artisan traditions.

Our Work