Amina Enterprises is the artisan group behind our new Secret...

Amina Enterprises is the artisan group behind our new Secret Garden Collection, watch the video and read below to learn more!

Amina Enterprises, founded by Shahnawaz Zuberi, launched in 1994. His family suffered financial hardship in his youth but he is now finally able to support his own family through his artisan woodworking business.

Both Zuberi’s grandfather and father were woodcarvers in Saharanpur, a quiet town in the state of Uttar Pradesh known for its woodcarving industry. When hard times led his father to abandon his craft and become a milkman, Shahnawaz also began helping his family out by tailoring clothes, which he did for 12 years.

Today, he employs around 80 artisans, who work with seasoned wood of all types, including sheesham, papri, teak, eucalyptus, and mango. Intricate carving, color washes or delicate brass inlay are incorporated into their designs, reflecting styles that has been popular since the Mughal dynasty. Shahnawaz takes pride in always delivering his shipments on time and remaining competitively priced.

You can show your support for Amina Enterprises by purchasing one of their hand carved wooden products. Our new Secret Garden Collection features some of Amina’s finest work. Both visually arresting and practical, these distinctive white washed wood pieces are versatile enough to coordinate with any décor.  Bring the beauty of hand made to your home!

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