Fall Home Décor Made Easy

Mela Artisans makes decorating for fall super easy this year! As the weather gets cooler and the sun starts setting earlier, begin to transition your home décor to fall hues. We’ve put together three great looks featuring products from our new collections - functional yet fashionable home decor you’ll love! 

Bohemian Blues



Combining our horn and wood block collections with navy blue accessories creates a relaxed autumn atmosphere. Blue is a great transition color from the summer: it still pops yet provides a cozy feel to any room. Use our Bali pillow on your favorite chair and include an autumnal display of gourds in our Congo in Indigo bowl to tie the look together.

Desert Dreams


This color combination is a classic way to bring in the fall season; the mix of brown, tan and black will look perfect with the red and orange leaves that sit on your windowsill. The earthy desert tones of our Kalahari decorative box and striped tribal effect of the square tray combine to make your home feel like a calm oasis. The intricate detailing of these handmade products takes this simple look to a new level of sophistication. 

Riveting Rouge


This look embodies fall as the red tones and contrasting textures create a warm and inviting space. What a splendid way to make your living and dining area a vibrant place where people will want to gather this holiday season. Spice up your kitchen as well with our red ikat runner and Monarch dark horn nut bowl, while you use the red bone tray for all of your family gatherings.

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