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Hostess Holiday Gift Guide

Hostess Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone knows that being a great guest means making sure you never show up at a party or a visit empty-handed, but the last thing you want is for your present to be stacked on the entry table.

Coming up with something unique and distinctive to give your favorite host can be tricky, but Mela has thoughtful, Faire Trade selections perfect for every occasion. 

Ornaments are a treat for those who can use them to trim a tree, garland, or other wreath. We have seen them also be wonderful additions to wrapping other gifts!

elephant ornament

Trays and boxes are hard to beat when you are trying to give your host something useful and beautiful! We love this vanity set, perfect for the bath or bedroom!

trays and boxes

Everyone likes to give candles, but what about some show stopping candle holders? Or a vase? These Ponti candle holders make the job of setting a table a breeze.

Cheeseboard, candlestick, vase for fall winter 2022 table. Entertaining accessories, handmade and certified fair trade.

A large cheeseboard is the perfect entertaining gift that can be used right away! Add special treats for an extra touch.

No matter what event or visit- bring the joy of Mela. 

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