Light Your Way into 2023

Light Your Way into 2023

Find the light and be the light. Or, in this case, share the light with Mela Artisans' candle holders. We have some beautiful and expertly crafted candle holders that can transform any space and brighten up any corner with a few.

Using a multitude of candlesticks can give dimension and drama.

Mehndi candleholders

Two matching candlesticks can create a symmetrical and refined look.
Grouping candlesticks in pairs and trios creates a sense of plenty. They could be odd-numbered or set in contrast with other pieces.
two candleholders on a table perfect style for an elegant table
Grouping many candleholders together can make a statement, even if they are mismatched. They can be all tapers, votives, pillar style, or a mix of all types. When grouped with the taller ones in the center, they create more impact on the table and will add more ambiance to your gathering. No floral arrangement is needed.

checker candle holders votive

Candle holders are one of the best decorating hacks you own. Add to your collection today. All our candle holders for tapers, votives, or pillars are handcrafted by Artisans primarily in India and will ship as gifts to warm your heart and home.

orchid candle holders

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