2021-2022 Impact Report for Mela Artisans

Our Impact Report 2022

From Navroze Mehta, CEO

Mela Artisans is scaling a successful company that continues to build
shareholder value, as it makes a big social impact on its community of
Measuring our impact allows us to expand our innovative brand while
continuing to enrich the lives of our artisans and provide customers with
beautiful, handcrafted home décor and furnishings.
Our goal is to play a role in preserving our heritage’s craft and showing the
world how beautiful these crafts are while providing artisans with a
sustainable livelihood. 
We are a brand with a purpose, and measuring our impact is an important part of our DNA.  We have partnered with over 1500 artisans in the past year, all around India but primarily in two regions.
Artisans we have worked with are primarily from two locations, however we work with many around India.

Even with the success we are sharing with our existing artisans we are continuing to set goals that we can achieve in the future.

Here are our next three.  

our next three impact goals

We are excited for the year ahead and look forward to the opportunities we will share!


- Navroze

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