Artisans Partner Spotlight: ACN HANDICRAFTS

Artisans Partner Spotlight: ACN HANDICRAFTS

ACN handicraft, founded in 2006, is a Jodhpur based group that specializes Mehndi technique. ACN artisans work collaboratively with our Mela designers and experiment with different mixed materials to create new collections our Mela Artisans customers can't find anywhere else. Our latest Mehndi collection is an example of this beautiful tradition. 

Mehndi Artisans

The Mehndi collections use motifs inspired by the art of Henna embellishing decor items in vibrant colors and traditional patterns like the 'mandala'.

mehndi pattern close up

One of our oldest Mehndi artisans is highly skilled, Vinod Bhati, from Jodhpur. For the last 25 years he has been working as a Mehndi painter. He loves to innovate with colors and patterns.

mehndi collection

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