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Why Trays are a Treat

Why Trays are a Treat

It's the slightest effort that can make the biggest impact! And trays or cheeseboards are some of the best ways to define your style.

Use trays or cheeseboards set the mood of any gathering. Mixing and matching trays of different types can help add that elevated look to your next buffet or party and continue to be useful long after the night. 

Our Moasic Cheeseboard is the perfect graphic touch to accent your other black and white ware. 

Mixing and matching it with our blue and white Gramercy Tray will liven up even the oldest patterns in your decor. 

If you are looking for a more modern look, the gray and white Gramercy or pinstripe is the perfect clean aesthetic for your next spread. 

But let's dive deeper. Why choose trays? 

  • Makes serving easier- One of the most fundamental reasons for tray being so important is the serving reasons. A tray makes serving food and drinks easier. 
  • It can also make cleaning up tidy and beautiful. Bring out the tray and leave it somewhere easy to stack and store things ready to clean and remove for a way to consolidate things as the night comes to a close.
  • Versatile- rather than just a platter- you can reuse a tray in the bedroom to set the spa feel in a bathroom or to create a distinct area on a coffee table. 
  • Trays also make thoughtful gifts because of how versatile they are. They elevate any space and are perfect for almost any occasion. 
  • Trays also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You can find one that will work for any mood or theme. 

    All Mela Artisans trays are collaboratively designed and hand-crafted by our artisans. And, of course, everything made is of the highest quality and created in a fair trade environment from start to finish. 

    So while you are shopping for the holidays or finding that perfect unexpected gift for yourself or someone else- try a tray! 

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