Capture Celebrity Style with Dazzling Cuff Bracelets

One of this winter’s trending fashions, cuffs are a popular accessory in ads, on the runways and in celebrities’ everyday ensembles. Easy to wear, they add a chic and edgy accent to any outfit. Mela Artisans has a wide selection of cuffs to help you capture your favorite celebrity’s style.

Halle Berry


Halle Berry is the queen of simplicity in this ad for her new fragrance. Choosing a bold metal cuff with intricate detail, she shows how a single statement piece is sometimes all you need! Get the same focus on detail with Mela’s faceted brass wire Dazzle Cuff Bracelet.

Dazzle Cuff Bracelet $45.00

Wendy Williams


Wendy Williams shows her classic taste by pairing a gold cuff with her timeless black sheath dress. Follow her flawless example and bring pizazz to a conservative look with a single edgy piece like Mela’s Glitter cuff.

Glitter Cuff Bracelet, $55.00

Leah Pipes


Leah Pipes is one of Hollywood’s rising stars and has a funky style all her own. In this ad for Pame Designs, she models a deceptively simple cuff that is replete with understated detail. This seemingly simple piece gives her look the signature eccentric twist she’s known for. Mela’s Mandala Onyx bangle is reminiscent of Leah’s style.

Mandala Onyx Bangle $250.00


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