Invest in Mela Artisans through our Loan Program


Despite the beauty and richness of their artwork, many Indian artisans currently live below the poverty line, subsisting without the most basic amenities like adequate shelter, a healthy diet and basic medical care. Most of them have no option but to take loans from local moneylenders at exorbitant interest rates in order to buy the supplies they need to practice their craft. Every year more artisans are forced to abandon their traditional vocations and take menial jobs just to help their families survive. 

The Mela Artisans Loan Program aims to alleviate this financial stress while fostering entrepreneurship and sustainable growth in under served communities.  Artisans are offered zero-interest loans while our online lenders are repaid their loan amount (plus a 10 percent bonus) in shopping credits within three months.  Every dollar of your loan is invested directly into artisan businesses!


Vaishnavi Arts is one of the artisan businesses you can support with a loan.  It is run by 27-year-old Rahul Powar, who took over the jewelry making business from his father. Currently, Rahul employs seven artisans, not only providing a living for his own family, but for other members of his community as well.

Click here to learn more about how our loan program works, view our loan list and read testimonials from loan recipients.  Our program benefits both the customer and the artisans. If you are truly passionate about sustainability, this is a unique way to show your support!

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